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So.... I haven't been posting much, I know. I have been reading everyone's post as much as I can, but not commenting as much. Bad me, I know. Anyways, a bit of catching up... We have two new "furbabies" in the house. (If you read my sister journal, you know about them already.)

One is a gray rabbit we've named "Lint" He's still very young, and very sweet. Quite the caricature. We got him the day after Christmas. Here's a pic of the day we got him


and here he is today, playing out in the sun while we were out side.


and me hugging him... he was very annoyed.


And now the second one... a black kitty


The "new" kitty is one the left, being held by [livejournal.com profile] inkibus , and Crat is being held by mom... He really couldn't care less, to tell the truth.
(Copying Inky write up on here)

She's 10 months old, just came off having a batch of kittens (!!!!!) and lived at a vets shortly.
So she's....
~Short haired, which is great, HUGE round yellow eyes too
~used to a house of bunnies, cats, birds, and dogs
~lugging a mini-tire around after nursing
~is timid at everything new, but wants love and comes to our voices
~been spayed, given shots, and tested for kitty leukemia

She been very sweet so far... I think she "likes" me too.. last night, she sat up with me and sorted my buttons I had pored out in my bed, and got tangled up in the trim I had gotten out as well.. and she followed me around all evening to. (She seemed to like Sweeny Todd, the movie a lot.) She hiss's and bats at the other cats right now, so I hope we can ease her in to them.. but were' need a new mouser soon, Crat and Birdy are really in "retirement", and I'm not sure if we have five more years out of eather of them just as lazy house cats. So.. there, the two new babies. :P
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