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 Long time no post. But at last, a post that isn't emo or spam! 

This year, between time and life, I have suffered for serous sewing burn out. bad.  I was going to to an intricate, heavily embellished, dark Queen of the Harlequins costume, but... Well, Inky could see I wasn't in to it. or rather, I wanted to do it, but I could will myself near the sewing machine.  So she suggested I find something... less intricate. In fact, maybe I need to lay off sewing for a bit.  So, I looked around, and found a nice little, obscure costume, in a fan based that I love.  Dr.  Kate Corrigan, Hellboy best friend in the BPRD, but sadly she never made it in the movie (the movie Abe is kinda a mix of the comic book Abe and her) 

Here an idea of what she looks like.  She is the blond in all if these pics.... 




SO.... This is what I have so far. A jacket, and the belt pouch thingys. both gotten for a steal off Etsy and eBay. I'm watch for my patches for the jacket, I'm have them Custom made... I know you can find some cheap on on eBay, but I've seem them and they look.... Cheap.  The guy I have doing the patches did my sister Ghostbuster patches and the look great.  Next I need to get a belt buckle with the BPRD symbol,  hoop earrings, a rosary, millatry boots (I need a pair anyway) and... a hand gun. This bit make me nerves. I'm probably getting an airsoft gun off eBay, but still... Hand gun.  I can't find any all resin guns cheap, which is ironic. 

I am kinda styimed as to what type of pants to get though... maybe military, but she seems to wear more jeans.  Maybe throw in a shoulder bag or back pack with occult books in it.   Have to let my hair grow out a bit too.

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