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 Cleaning closet again!  A few items I din't get rid of last time, and some new stuff. 

All items here should fit a 38 bust or smaller, and run in the medium range.
  Price does not included shipping. I will combine shipping.  Prefer payment by  PayPal, but I will take a check, though I won't send anything till it clears

My western steampunk skirt, made by me.. I just never wear it....   I think I want to redo it in corduroy, so letting this one go. The waist is 30 inches, I made it to sit low on the hips on me.    $30. (will trade or haggle)   ON HOLD FOR BLACK RIDER

western steampunk skirt

Cute little low cut black button up blouse...  I'd keep it, but I'd be afraid of putting someones eye out if a button popped. fits everywhere but in the bust, so anyone smaller then 38 can wear this.  $15. 

pinstripe buster I made.  It is not a corset, it will not tight lace.  Denim, with spiral  boning.  $30 (will haggle or trade)  

pinstripe buster

Kinda a  Victorianish blouse, poly fabric. Cute little puff sleeve caps, missing bottom button. $10. 

God danm, I didn't iron this before taking a pic!  oh well. more of a fancy western looking shirt, but in person has a nice shimmery undertone. Not really brown....I'd say it's more purpley. Would go very nice with the skirt above and a  vest for th Western Steampunks. $15. (will haggle)

Spats! The top pair are wool, made by me, the bottom are unworn military spats, Sadly the top ons have a few mother holes in them. Hardly noticeable when worn.  I wear a womans 10, mens 8, so that should give you and idea what size that can fit. . I'll ask for $10 on the wool ones , but feel free to haggle.
The green ones $20 (will haggle)     Wool spats on hold for  Mwezzi

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