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Another huge fall sale post! I've been going through large quantities of my stuff, but have decided, before I send it off to consignment shops, to let you folks have first pickings. Everything here fits a size 38, 30, 40. I will note if it will fit a size larger, or best fit a size smaller, but if you need exact measurements on something please ask. Prices do not include shipping. I will ship overseas, please inquire first so I can find out shipping rates. I will always try and shipped by the cheapest method available, unless you specifically ask for faster, more expensive method. If you need further photos of any items, don't be afraid ask. I tried to photo pieces best I could.... I'm aware some photos here better than others, sorry less than ideal conditions. If you buy more then one item, I'm willing tot haggle a little bit on the price. :D preferred method of payment is PayPal, though I will take a check, or an e-check .

Blue cotton embroidered tunic, size medium (or maybe a teeny bit large) first pic shows the truest color. $8/>

extra small T-shirt. And I do mean extra small $3.                                    

Cream colored tunic. small to medium.   wonderful diamond embroider panel down the front. $8                 

 medium-size peasant blouse, with embroidery on the front and down the arms. The elastic around the wrist has given out, that either can be taken out or replaced easily. $8

peasant shirt

Size medium, button up blouse, reminds me of something a pseudo-Victorian schoolteacher would wear. Missing the bottom button, $8

Size medium, button up shirt, has a slight shimmer to it in  person.as one tiny pin hole prick on one shoulder, only noticeable if you're looking for it. $7


Handmade pinstripe buster, made by me. THIS IS NOT  A CORESET .spiral steel boning in all the channels, which is probably overkill considering it's not a corset has a nice steam punk look to it, I can see an adventure lady wearing this. $25


Size medium,a denim work vest that I covered in embroidery .$15

embroidered vest front
embroidered vest back

Mens small to medium or woman's medium to large leather vest. In a Western-style. $15

Leather vest front

leather vest back

Size medium to large. An absolutely gorgeous long embroidered vests, Single button at the top.I'm sorry that both pictures have movement blurs, but this vest is absolutely fluid!  $20

Embroidered vest one
embroidered vests 2

Size medium handmade light wool coat. This was during my Lord of the rings Ranger phase. A basic long coat, made out of a coarse weave wool. $18
handmade wool jacket

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