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Another huge fall sale post! I've been going through large quantities of my stuff, but have decided, before I send it off to consignment shops, to let you folks have first pickings.Everything here fits a size 38, 30, 40. I will note if it will fit a size larger, or best fit a size smaller, but if you need exact measurements on something please ask. Prices do not include shipping. I will ship overseas, please inquire first so I can find out shipping rates. I will always try and shipped by the cheapest method available, unless you specifically ask for faster, more expensive method. If you need further photos of any items, don't be afraid ask. I tried to photo  all the pieces best I could.... I'm aware some photos here better than others, sorry less than ideal conditions. If you buy more then one item, I'm willing tot haggle a little bit on the price. :D preferred method of payment is PayPal, though I will take a check, or an e-check . )

the waist on this skirt is a bit smaller than is comfort for my  29 inch waist. I'm thinking a 27 inch would be about perfect for this. Crinkly texture with a gray, creamy color, and wooden buttons. $8.  
cream skirt 2

I almost don't want to part with this darling skirt, but I haven't worn it and I don't really see that changing,I've lightened two of the the pictures, so you can see them all multitiered ruffles. Drapes down into a longer tail on the back. $20.   SOLD!

THIS THING IS  A B*ICH TO PHOTO! long poly velvet stretch skirt, this is a beautiful blue Navy color not black as the pictures would have you believe! It is utterly gorgeous. The photo below this is the closest I could get to photoing  the true color, and even then it's too bright and garnish.

Long: navy skirt

Long Navy skirt true color

Hand made lace up front skirt. $15.

Beach cover? Not really sure what to call this.I bought it as a skirt. Pretty sure it's rayon

type fonts skirt

type front skirt to
Levi pinstripe pants.slightly bigger than me, I'm guessing a 31 inch waist can wear this comfortably. just a little too low-cut for my tastes.  $15.
Levi pants

Levi pants 2

Very nice heavy skirt. Make a great winter skirt. It dose need a light cleaning, but it's marked "Dry Clean only", so I will live that up to who ever buys it. Other wise prefect. $10.
gray skirt front

gray skirt back

This was an Idea I had. Basically made a tried skirt, and slit it down he front. Ran a belt though the waist, and had a quick adjustable over skirt, in more the rag-O-muffin style Unhemmed, very ragged looking. Can go up to a pretty good waist size Belt not included. Second photo is truest in color   $7.
Brown over skirt 1

Brown over skirt 3
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