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 Another huge fall sale post! I've been going through large quantities of my stuff, but have decided, before I send it off to consignment shops, to let you folks have first pickings.Everything here fits a size 38, 30, 40. I will note if it will fit a size larger, or best fit a size smaller, but if you need exact measurements on something please ask. Prices do not include shipping. I will ship overseas, please inquire first so I can find out shipping rates. I will always try and shipped by the cheapest method available, unless you specifically ask for faster, more expensive method. If you need further photos of any items, don't be afraid ask. I tried to photo pieces best I could.... I'm aware some photos here better than others, sorry less than ideal conditions. If you buy more then one item, I'm willing tot haggle a little bit on the price. :D preferred method of payment is PayPal, though I will take a check, or an e-check .

Sweet Flapper style dress.  Burnout velvet with beads and sequins.  this can got to a large size do to the cut. I really think it has a silk lining.  Sadly the bead trim needs meading. 
So, even though is a very nice dress that I paid more for, i'm only asking $15.

This is a large plain dress... One side has buttons all the way down. (see the photo I lighted) I'm sure I got this for some protect that never paned out.  $10
long black button dress front

long black button dress side long black button press side lighten

Sweet dress, oh how I wish my bust hadn't grown! I can't get the top part zippered any more, so I'd say this  would be best for a size 34 bust or smaller.  $15.

black halter dress front

Black culture address, front 2

Black halter dress back

Green fairy outfit  Made about five years ago.   CROWN AND WINGS ARE NOT INCLUDED!  Only worn once by me. Asking $30 for it,  way less than what I put in to it. 
. green fairy green fairy green fairy




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