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2020-04-29 09:06 pm

Friends only

This journal is friends only, except for meaningless and unimportant babbling that I deemed safe for public viewing.. If you want to be added,  comment here, and maybe please state why.... be nice to know we have a common interest at least.If you're interested in my sewing, I have a sewing journal, [profile] frocktarts  Though I don't update it very often.

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2011-03-09 08:15 am

Musing on Mardi Gras

Meant to post this yesterday, but fell asleep. AH well


Ah, Mardi Gras! =InKibus and I have a special connection with the notorious holiday the year we were born, we were born on Mardi Gras ( we were also born in the worst snow storm in Arkansas history up to that point as far as "recorded" history goes.) Ironically, due to the way keeps bouncing around every year, it will not fall on our birthday again until well in our 70s. this years it's the closest it's been in years. :D
We've always felt a strange special connection with New Orleans. Perhaps the way that Lestat & Louis have a connection with it. Not really part of it, more of the the outside looking in. I have no family connection with New Orleans (other than having a family member buried there, but they weren't born there, they only lived there for the last couple years of their life). my parents briefly lived in New Orleans, finding jobs there back in the 70s. It was interesting hearing their take on it.

       I've only been to New Orleans once, when said family member die, to attend his funeral. I was young eight or nine maybe. I don't remember a lot, I remember was the weirdest, dankest, smelliest place I've ever been to. I remember the reptile house. I remember eating at a greasy café with probably the most unhealthiest food I've ever eaten (greasy and fried!). inky told me later that she thought there would be people standing around in magnificent costumes at the edge of the New Orleans border. my parents briefly lived in New Orleans, finding jobs there back in the 70s. It was interesting hearing their take on it.

   I was hoping that since I started researching my ancestry I'd find New Orleans connection then, but alas I still haven't (I think Inky was hopping for a voodoo priestess!).
When when Katrina hit, mom and dad both instantly predicted it would flood, there's no way a city that is under sea level couldn't. So, like watching a old tree wilt and die and not being able to do a thing about it, it flooded. I can't even imagine the hell that was. there is talk for a couple years of "rebuilding it", but this year that didn't even make the news. Can you rebuilt it? I don't think so.. Should you? A question to big for me to answer.
Add insult to injury with the oil spill in the gulf, and one wonders if there is anything left of the old New Orleans. I don't know. I intend to find out one day. I still plan on visiting that city, not just for Mardi Gras, but just to see if that ghost connection I've had all my life is real, or if it exist somewhere else.
Link! Clicky! > [link]

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2011-03-02 08:58 pm

Costuming ADD

 So.... I caved and bought  Vogues  2931 and  Vogues 7464  (for view  A) while they were on sale, and then found this nice vintage pattern  that I can modify for the top........   Yes, I think I want to make something like this dress.   But... I'm thinking I'll take the shape, but do different fabrics. I have a gunmetal green satin, a green/blue shot Dupioni , a copper/purple shot Dupioni, and some cotton crinkle textured pinstripe black and white fabric. I'm thinking a Steampunk  Wicked Witch.  Keep the general shape, but layer colours.  100% sure what would go were, but still..... and I'd get to paint my skin green.  Hell, even it I fail as a witch, I'd make a smashing lady  Jägermonster, I'd even have a proper hat. 
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2011-02-24 08:26 pm

(no subject)

 Oh, costuming bug, you are strange! while looking up something completely diffident, I stumble on this doll....  And now, I really wanna do that dress.  Vogue  even has a pattern that looks like the bottom half........  I mist be good.. I must be good.... I must be........... >.>; 

I might have fabric that looks like that. 
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2011-01-31 06:05 pm

I'm sure everyone but me noticed this, but....

 Doesn't this  late 18th century top look like an inspiration for  Johanna's Blue gown with Triangle Cutout (Costumer's Guide FTW!) from  Sweeney Todd?
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2011-01-09 11:11 am

Dreamwidth invit code

 I have a Dreamwidth invite code, dose anyone want it? 
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2010-09-10 11:44 am


 So, Simplicity has come out with it's "Alice in Wonderland" costumes.  Love to hear what you guy think of them 
Alice and Queen of Hearts.   

Mad Hatter and generic Pirate     

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2010-08-09 08:39 pm

channeling Dr. Kate Corrigan of the BPRD

 Long time no post. But at last, a post that isn't emo or spam! 

This year, between time and life, I have suffered for serous sewing burn out. bad.  I was going to to an intricate, heavily embellished, dark Queen of the Harlequins costume, but... Well, Inky could see I wasn't in to it. or rather, I wanted to do it, but I could will myself near the sewing machine.  So she suggested I find something... less intricate. In fact, maybe I need to lay off sewing for a bit.  So, I looked around, and found a nice little, obscure costume, in a fan based that I love.  Dr.  Kate Corrigan, Hellboy best friend in the BPRD, but sadly she never made it in the movie (the movie Abe is kinda a mix of the comic book Abe and her) 

Here an idea of what she looks like.  She is the blond in all if these pics.... 

Meet the Doctor  )
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2010-07-29 06:09 pm

Closet cleaning!

 Cleaning closet again!  A few items I din't get rid of last time, and some new stuff. 

All items here should fit a 38 bust or smaller, and run in the medium range.
  Price does not included shipping. I will combine shipping.  Prefer payment by  PayPal, but I will take a check, though I won't send anything till it clears
Skirts! Spats! Blouses! And maybe a glimps of an ankle....  )
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2009-09-15 04:56 pm

Selling some stuff

Anyway, the point of this post. I'm think of selling a few thing I've made. Some I've made for sale, some I have.

The catch? Well, no one seems to be buying stuff at my asking price... So, make me an offer. If I think the price is fair enough, it's a deal.
Why am I doing this? I need space, I need $$$, and I'm sick of having things I've made not get used.

If your interested, Comment with how much you'd pay... (That said, please, be realistic. If anyone say $2. I'm not even gonna write you back!)
I don't have sizes right now on hand, but I'm a medium ladies size (My sewing size is about a 14 to 16, not sure what that translates to store size!)

Paypal or check, item will be shipped when check clears. Shipping when be adding in when I get you zip code.
OK, good.

Western steampunk skirt

Western steampunk skirt 2 by =FrockTarts on deviantART
All the pretties this way )
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2009-08-26 05:39 pm

To those going to Dragon Con

Keep an eye out for this man (clicky,clicky!)

wearing this robe and cape.

Skiesofcahaos robe and cape by =FrockTarts on deviantART

He commissioned them from me, and I just barely got em out in time. >_< But if you do run in to him, say "hi", and  you know FrockTarts (the name I go by on DA) . About as close as I'm going to get to going to Dragon Con for a bit. :P
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2009-06-18 11:44 am

When there is just too much info on the net, ask Livejournal!!

Alrighy, Inky and I need some help on this ASAP.. For health reasons, we are looking in to starting Yoga. Now, money is tight (as always) so it not like we can run out and find a yoga instructor. and Googleing is overwhelming to put in mildly.. Evey yuppie and self help grue dose it, and want you to buy there little CD/book telling you how to do it. Right.

Anyone have and good starting point of were to go on line? Website they'd highly recommenced? Book/CD they swear by?
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2009-04-05 06:12 pm

Of top hats and plague doctors

Time for me to do a real sewing post again.

In a unplanned  twist, sis has decided her Halloween costume already, and I'm going to be making a costume in a a simler theme, so that we can be a pair. After I splurge and got her a top hat for her birthday, she has decided she want to make a Steampunk plague doctor, specifically one like this hibbary over on DA draws

The Grand Doctor by `hibbary on deviantART

Eve of the First Snow by `hibbary on deviantART

Yes, scary dude.
And now her, modeling the top hat that started all this.

hibbary has kindly give her permission to copy as much for those drawing as she like to. :)
And how am I going to pair with this? I'm going to be the Steampunk nurse.
The challenge is hibbary didn't draw a nurse... I have to make it up. And try and make them "match" in the way scary things like that match. With out looking like something from Silent Hill.
I know I want a mask as well, but I think I do something like those little nurse masks, but in leather. After that, it all in the air as to what I doing with this. Do I go a Victorian looking rout? Hoe do I keep it Steampunk? How do I keep it from truing too fetish? (A little is all right, but I'm now wearing tight leather here!)

And you know what would be reall cool? if we could con bro to go as a GRAVEDIGGER! *evil laugh*

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2009-02-03 11:14 am

Miss me?

Hi......Well, it's been one hell of a week. as of 9 am today, we've been a week with out power, and looks like we could go two more with out it...We had an ice storm a week ago, and it took out power... all over the place. It has been ranked as one of the worst ice storm in AR history so far. I've got some pic uploaded to the buessness Facebook page, if anyone wants to see them.

Right now, I'm trying to catch up on a weeks worth of updates, thanks to the second generator we go yesterday. Sorry, I'm very scattered right now, so IF THERE IS ANYTHING YOU THINK IS IMPORTANT ENOUGH I HAVE TO SEE IT, PLEASE POST IT HERE. I rather doubt I'm going to get though all the post that have happen in the last seven days......
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2009-01-21 07:18 pm
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New furkids, and need a good name for a black cat!

So.... I haven't been posting much, I know. I have been reading everyone's post as much as I can, but not commenting as much. Bad me, I know. Anyways, a bit of catching up... We have two new "furbabies" in the house. (If you read my sister journal, you know about them already.)

One is a gray rabbit we've named "Lint" He's still very young, and very sweet. Quite the caricature. We got him the day after Christmas. Here's a pic of the day we got him


and here he is today, playing out in the sun while we were out side.
Fuzzy fun here,you know you want to click! )