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Keep an eye out for this man (clicky,clicky!)

wearing this robe and cape.

Skiesofcahaos robe and cape by =FrockTarts on deviantART

He commissioned them from me, and I just barely got em out in time. >_< But if you do run in to him, say "hi", and  you know FrockTarts (the name I go by on DA) . About as close as I'm going to get to going to Dragon Con for a bit. :P
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An inch and a half of rain in about 45 minutes! We desperately needed that, but it could have come down a little gentler. ^_^ lots of thunder and lightening and really strong wind. Now the toads are out in full force, sucking up the water while they can. Poor things, it's been a rough summer for them.

Any who, I see I've got a lot of catching up to do in LiveJournal land... but I can say it's been a busy, and hopefully fruitful, week for me.  Remember that capelet I was asking you guys opinion on some design details about?  Well, here it is on deviant Art, and I think I've found a buyer for it! (It's actually one of my sister's friends. ) :D And, the person who is inquiring about my Red Death costume seems to be serious, in fact they'd like me to make one to their size for them, and thankfully they don't want it immediately. It would be too much for me to try and cram it in my schedule right now, but they seem willing to wait a little.  So, hopefully I shall have my first commission and a little income on my "hobby".. 

Oh, and PS, [profile] grimacounselor I realize I never answered your question about our Chow Chow's on my last journal entry! *bad me* 
They're red, and technically they're half and half (half Chow and half another dog) but the youngest one (Mako) you couldn't tell she wasn't a purebred Chow if we let her hair grow out. We have to trim the poor things in the summer, or else they spontaneously combust. The other one, (Cookie) shows her half breed roots, she's half Collie half Chow, and is the most motherly dog I've ever met.  I honestly think she belives we're all her babies. :)


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