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 Long time no post. But at last, a post that isn't emo or spam! 

This year, between time and life, I have suffered for serous sewing burn out. bad.  I was going to to an intricate, heavily embellished, dark Queen of the Harlequins costume, but... Well, Inky could see I wasn't in to it. or rather, I wanted to do it, but I could will myself near the sewing machine.  So she suggested I find something... less intricate. In fact, maybe I need to lay off sewing for a bit.  So, I looked around, and found a nice little, obscure costume, in a fan based that I love.  Dr.  Kate Corrigan, Hellboy best friend in the BPRD, but sadly she never made it in the movie (the movie Abe is kinda a mix of the comic book Abe and her) 

Here an idea of what she looks like.  She is the blond in all if these pics.... 

Meet the Doctor  )
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Yeah yeah, Halloween was week ago, and I'm only just now getting my pictures up.... so for your enjoyment here's my Halloween costume from this year.. Psycho Little Red Riding Hood. The only thing I made was the hood and the apron... so kind of felt like a copout to me, after all the work I've done the last couple of years. Oh well, here's hoping next year I can make it up with the Dark Harlequin next year.

And me with our rabbit Newton.

Me with my sister [profile] inkibus,who went as a Mordor belly dancer.

And last, but not least, my bother's costume. I don't know how many of you on my list has seen the movie Time bandits, but at the end of the movie when the little boy is running from Evil, he's being chased by these creatures.. very scary.



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