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Birthdate:Mar 6
Location:Green Forest, Arkansas, United States of America
this is the private Journal of[info]frocktarts . Most of what is here's personal ramblings that I would rather not have floating free on the Internet. I'm generally pretty easy about adding people, but I'd like to at least have something in common with them.
I raise Flemish giant rabbits, live on a farm, costume, sew, have Liberal leanings (though I don't post about politics much, so don't worry about a lot of political spam if you do decide to friend me) generally all around a semi hippie/bohemian/steampuck.

Interests (152):

30's fashion, alan rickman, amano art, ancient egypt, angels, art, art nouveau, astral projection, autumn, beading, beads, beadwork, birds, books, brad dourif, brocade, brom, calvin and hobbes, carnivale, carving, celestial, celtic, christopher lee, corsets, cosplay, costume, costume design, costume movie, costumes, costumes research, costuming, costuming movie, couture, crafting, crystal, danny elfman, dating, dead can dance, dreaming, dreams, ducks, dyslexia, dyslexic, edward gorey, embroidery, fabric, faeries, faire, faires, fan costumes, fantasy, film costume, fur, gems, ghosts, gloves, gothic, graveyards, gregorian chants, grima wormtongue, grimm's fairy tales, guardian angels, halloween, hand-made, harlequin, harlequins, hats, hellboy, history, horror, hunter s. thompson, japanese culture, jewelry, joni mitchell, jrr tolkien, lace, latex, leather, leaves, legend, lisa gerrard, lord of the rimgs, lord of the rings, lord the rings, lore, lotr, mask, masks, medieval, medieval baebes, medival, metal, moby, moon, movie, movie costume, movies, music, myst, myst iii, myst3, mythology, nature, necromancy, nightmare before christmas, occult, original design, pagan, pagans, patterns, prefect circle, reading, reenactment, renaissance, return of the king, riven, rotk, runes, satin, sci-fi, science fiction, scoliosis, sew, sewing, silk, stargate, stargate (the moive), stars, steampunk, stones, storytelling, sun, suspension of disbelief, tailoring, tarot, terry gilliam, the hobbit, the two towers, tim burton, tolkien, tom waits, tombstones, ttt, vampire hunter d, vampires, velvet, victorian gothic, wings, wire, wise blood, witchcraft, woodwork
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